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Adam Blake the illegitimate son of Sir Francis Dashwood and Annie Blake, an orphan from the Foundlings Hospital in London, is brought up by the Monks of Medmenham Priory in the infamous 18th Century Hellfire Club where he is trained by a master swordsman and tutored by a brilliant academic.

His exploits are full of adventures, disasters and romantic encounters, usually because of his eye for a pretty woman that leads him to become a spy for England, an accidental hero, the confidant of a King and the lover of too many women to mention.

Enter into a world of intrigue, political turmoil and suspenseful secrets with Adam Blake as he uses his fighting skills, intellect, wit, sexuality and on some occasions the raw ability to run in order to stay alive.

If you enjoyed books like Alexandre Dumas' classic The Three Musketeers, then you will definitely enjoy Adam Blake's Chronicles.

The Adam Blake Chronicles

Welcome to my website

I'm fascinated by history and have been ever since my High School history teacher brought it alive more years ago than I care to remember.


It has been the inspiration for me, now well into retirement, to create fiction books based upon real history, real people and real events. But more importantly it's about those huge gaps between the events recorded in the history books. It's the 'what-if' of what may have happened in the absence of absolute evidence, such as the disappearance of the Great Alexandrian Library, and the human stories that happen between wars, battles, natural diasters, empire, regime and religious changes. I hope you'll find some interesting stories, characters and of course alternative history in the pages of my books and in my Blog.

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