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Welcome to my website

I'm fascinated by history and have been ever since my High School history teacher brought it alive more years ago than I care to remember.


It has been the inspiration for me, now well into retirement, to create fiction books based upon real history, real people and real events. But more importantly it's about those huge gaps between the events recorded in the history books. It's the 'what-if' of what may have happened in the absence of absolute evidence, such as the disappearance of the Great Alexandrian Library, and the human stories that happen between wars, battles, natural diasters, empire, regime and religious changes. 

I hope you'll find some interesting stories, characters and of course alternative history in the pages of my books and in my Blog.


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Just Published

  • For centuries, the Tatar’s of the Crimea have captured and sold more European slaves than ever came out of Africa. This is the story of some of them.

  • St Clement, the second Pope of Rome, died a prisoner of the Romans in the Crimea – or did he?

  • Sayyida al Hurra was one of the most famous 16th Century Mediterranean Pirates and a Muslim Cleric. She was also a woman. Meet the second female Mediterranean pirate.

  • Travel with Amanishakete on one of the first Express d'Orient train journeys from Constantinople to Paris, when passengers had to be ferried across the Danube before boarding another train to Paris.

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The Story

It’s 1882 and the British Mediterranean fleet are bombarding Alexandria at the start of their campaign against the Urabi Rebellion in Egypt. Amani, Sabine and the Guardians of Knowledge are in the underground haven of the Royal Alexandrian Library, listening to the British shot exploding in the city. When the British arrive and calm returns to the city, they are given a book by the British Admiral that could be the key to changing history about the death of St Clement in the Crimea. An audience with Queen Victoria, and her request to save her niece captured into slavery by the Crimean Tatars, leads them to the Crimea masquerading as the crew of a slave ship captured by the British. George Eaton an injured British naval officer who has rekindled his love for Lady Isabel, one of the Guardians of Knowledge in Alexandria, sails with them as First Mate. With the Queens niece and others sold to a self-proclaimed Prince, Amani and her crew have to chase them across the Mediterranean to free them from his lair. One of the slaves is a relative of Otto von Bismark and goes missing when she returns to Germany having uncovered his secret plans to rule Europe. After returning to the Crimea to uncover the mystery of St Clement and recover his library, Amani and John Bartholomew-Pearce, a Colonel from the Royal Court of Queen Victoria, travel to Germany on the Express d'Orient, where an agent of Bismark tries to kill them, and Amani falls in love.

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