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Two Last Librarian Books I'm Writing Now

Burning of the Books

A Book of Short Stories

I'd guess it's possible that more books have been destroyed than have ever been written. That's more likely the case before Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press around 1436. Before that the painstaking task of creating a book by hand took much longer than it did to burn it. I've discussed this briefly in 'Where did all the books go' in my Blog.


The first of several short stories is about the great library of Caliph Al-Hakam II. Said to contain over 600,000 works, it was reported to have been one of the finest in the whole of the Islamic world. Amani and Sabine are in Córdoba in Al Andalus in 972AD, where they've been asked to attend to the sick Umayyad Caliph Al-Hakam II. There they visit his amazing library, . 


Five hundred years later Amani is there again. Now it's the period of the Spanish Inquisition. Al-Hakam's library is empty and the infamous Tomás de Torquemada, the Grand Inquisitor,  is in the now crumbling library building where he presides over the trial of a man Amani has promised she'd rescue. 

It's in the midst of this turmoil that Amani has to find and rescue the remains of Al-Hakam's library. There is intrigue, deception, persecution and romance in this fascinating story, based on true events in the history of Spain.

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The First Immortal

Amani and Sabine used an ancient Chinese recipe to make the elixir of eternal life.


But what if they weren't the first to use it.

The legend of Xu Fu tells of his voyage on behalf of Emperor Quin Shi Huang to find the elixir of eternal life, from which he never returned! He found the magical island of Penglai and the mountain there where the alchemists lived who'd developed the elixir? 

Xu Fu changed his name and over the centuries became the richest, but least known, multi-Billionaire on Earth.


 Over the years Amani and Sabine become aware that they are not alone, catching disturbing glimpses of someone in the shadows who they sense is another immortal. But what could he possibly want from them? When the secret is revealed it poses a threat to their very existence. And then they discover yet another immortal!

Adam Blake & the Siege of Gibraltar

If Adam thinks he's going to have a quiet life, after nearly losing it during his adventure against the Illuminati in the French court of King Louis XVI, he's in for a surprise.

The British held Rock of Gibraltar has been under siege by Spanish and French troops and ships since 1779! It's now 1782 and the siege continues with the garrison and citizens in desperate need of supplies.

Sent on a mission to rescue Rosemary the beautiful daughter of Lord Evesham. Adam finds himself in the midst of the siege, threatened by a French assassin and spy and what seems to be an impossible task to rescue Rosemary from the hands of the Spanish.

Almost Finished

The unusual discovery of the body of a woman in German uniform, together with a pouch of unusual items, are found by Edward Strange a British military Padre in a ruined village in Germany towards the end of World War Two. They spark a post war search by Edward and his doctor friend Harry Spalding for an answer to her mystery. They discover she was a Russian aristocrat connected with a Russian soldier turned cold war spy, whose appearance was altered by a plastic surgeon at the request of the British Secret Service.

After Edwards death his son, Ethan Strange, tries to contact Harry Spalding only to see him abducted from his home and taken away in what turn out to be vehicles registered to the Israeli Embassy. 

Teamed up with an Israeli Mossad Captain they are given the mission of unravelling the mystery started by his father. With the help of the West German police and joined unofficially by the son of an infamous wartime German SS officer, they enter East Germany. They the Russians and a Chinese Triad converge on the remains of Hermann Goerings hunting lodge; Carinhall.

Populated by fascinating characters at a time when Germany was still divided, atomic weapons were aimed across the world and spies were around every corner. Add a disfigured wild card called 'The Ghost' and this fast paced mystery thriller becomes a thrilling page turner.

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